How to Get Clear Skin

For many people, clear skin may seem like a far off dream, especially if they have dried dozens of products and methods to get their skin clear over the years. However, many people make crucial mistakes in their pursuit of a clearer face. These mistakes can not only not help reduce acne and other skin problems; it can actually make them worse! Which is why it is important to follow certain key rules for clear skin; the following are the top rules for getting your skin clear, and keeping it that way.

How to Get Clear Skin

Rule #1: Always Clean Your Skin

It’s very important to wash your skin with a light cleanser after any activity which might lead to breakouts or other skin problems, such as a heavy workout or after wearing makeup. Sweat and makeup can lead to clogged pores, breakouts, and even blackheads!

Rule #2: Never Pop Your Zits!

It might be very tempting to pop a zit right before a night on the town—but resist that temptation. Popping a zit, unless done by a professional who knows exactly what they are doing, will almost always lead to scarring, pitting—and even an infection which could lead to more acne.

Rule #3: Give Products Six Weeks to Work

Many people try new products for clear skin and give up after a week when they don’t see results. But most products need at least 6 weeks to fully work. It can be hard, but it’s important to give any products at least 6 weeks to fully work before giving up on them.

Rule #4: Prevention is Key

It’s much more difficult to treat pimples once they’ve formed, so try to prevent pimples as much as you can. When using anti-acne products, use them all over your face—not just where your pimples are located. This will help prevent pimples from forming in the future.

Rule #5: Don’t Touch Your Skin!

Think about all the times throughout the day when you probably touch your skin. Do you lean your chin on your hand when you’re bored? Scratch your cheek or nose? Lean on your hands when you sleep? Every time you touch your face, you are spreading bacteria to your skin—a leading cause for acne breakouts on your face. If you can’t possibly resist touching your face, keep a freshly washed cloth nearby to put a layer between your hands and your skin.

Trying out these tips is a good start, but there’s a few more things you need to learn in order to get rid of your acne once and for all!

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