How to Prevent Pimples

Hello and welcome to the website; I’m Zac “The Acne Expert” Miller. If you’re here right now, you are looking for the best ways on how to prevent pimples.

The first thing you need to know about how to prevent pimples, is to get out of your head the #1 myth many people still believe about pimples… it’s from a dirty face that you need to wash more.


This is definitely not what causes acne and is definitely not how you prevent it either! Acne is caused by excess sebum production when your body is going through puberty. Everyone gets dirt on their face, not everyone has pimples.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let me give you some true advice on how to prevent pimples. There are four main things you can do to prevent acne:

1. Diet

How to Prevent Pimples - DietDiet plays a huge impact on your skin and on pimples. I’ll give you a quick health lesson; during puberty your body produces oil on your skin. This oil clogs your pores and is what causes the mild to severe pimples teenagers get. There are certain foods you eat, many which are commonly eaten by Americans as they have become a staple of the diet, which actually increase the oils produced on your skin thus causing more pimples. These foods break down too fast in the body thus increasing blood sugar and triggering acne producing oils. Getting these foods out of your diet would be the first step to preventing pimples. An example of one of these foods would be potato chips. You can find out more information about improving your diet here.


2. Vitamins and Supplements

The second thing you can do is look into vitamins and supplements. They are great at preventing pimples and providing you healthier, clearer skin. The reason some people get pimples is not just because of puberty, but because their diet is deficient in certain vitamins and minerals. One great idea is to take a multi-vitamin each day. Not only is this good for your health, but it will also help fill any gaps you may have in your diet that could be causing your acne. This is just one pill that can help improve skin, however there are certain supplements you can take that actually prevent pimples by themselves. They are what I like to call “wonder supplements”. To learn what supplements I’m talking about, take a look a book called The Acne System.


3. Creams, Lotions and Other Products

How to Prevent Pimples - CreamsBesides diet and supplements, the third thing to try are skin creams that can prevent pimples. You may have already tried some of the typical acne creams, such as the over the counter products with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. You may have also tried a certain “3 step system” (I won’t say any names). However for most people these products do little, if anything, to help prevent acne. The next step would be to go to a dermatologist and obtain a prescription for stronger acne creams. They all contain either azelaic acid, retinoids, antibiotics, or a combination of all 3. These have much better results than over the counter creams, but for some they still are not enough. There is actually one over the counter cream that has the same results as a prescription because the active ingredient is so unique. This cream can be found in the book, The Acne System.


4. Medicine

Your last option would be going to a dermatologist and get a prescription for some type of acne specific medication. The first treatment is usually antibiotics. These work wonders at preventing pimples, but unfortunately the results fade with time because the body becomes resistant to the antibiotic. The absolute last option is to take a drug called Accutane. This drug works on 99.9% of people, however it is chock full of side effects, which is why it is not recommended by me. It’s mechanism of action is it’s massive amounts of Vitamin A, which is a fat soluble vitamin. You body can only absorb so much of Vitamin A, and thus the reason for so many side effects. You can find the side effects of this drug on Wikipedia. A better option try out alternative treatments so you don’t have to resort to this.

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